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First, a health inspector spotted several suitcases. Then she noticed an unusual stash of clothing, food and bedding. A young woman who was supposed to be a massage therapist spoke little English and seemed unusually nervous. The inspector reported her findings to the police.

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Chinese spa customer calls police after her massage is live-streamed to half-naked man A woman said her spa treatment was live-streamed for more than 30 minutes. The woman, surnamed Li, was naked from the waist up during a massage at the Xiyue Life Spa in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Monday when she found a mobile phone facing her on a table, Chutian Metropolis News reported. She said the phone was in video chat mode and a man, who was naked from the waist up, was on the other end.

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In a number of his videos, the elderly masseuse, Luo Dong, approaches women at parks, beaches or on the street and offers them a free massage. Each of his massage sessions are recorded and uploaded onto one of his many accounts on YouTube.

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