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Cowpers fluid and sperm

Abstract This study was designed to establish whether motile spermatozoa are released with pre-ejaculatory fluid and whether this fluid therefore poses a risk for unintended pregnancy. Forty samples of pre-ejaculatory fluid were examined from 27 volunteer men. Samples were obtained by masturbation and by touching the end of the penis with a Petri dish prior to ejaculation.

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Pre-cum Cowper's Secretions Pre-cum, otherwise known as pre-ejaculatory fluid, is a clear, sticky fluid secreted by the penis during sexual arousal. Pre-cum is capable of transmitting sexually transmitted infections STIs like human immunodeficiency virus HIV from an infected individual to their partner, so it is recommended to use a form of protection like a male or female condom during sex to avoid any significant risk. These small glands are also known as the bulbourethral glands.

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Reddit Note: Postings to Androlog have been lightly edited before publication. The organs that produce this fluid are Cowper glands, the glands of Littre, and possibly the glands of Morgagni. I know this is a normal phenomenon, but obviously not to this degree.

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