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His next single will be about gettin' busy in Alaska, it will be called "Frozen Assets". Jev burt mccraken and gerard way were dating each other for a while werent they? I think that was probably a publicity stunt.

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How many children does he have? And Jordyn was not exclusion.

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Does Twitter help her sell records or concert tickets? Probably not, so Court needs to just stay away from Twitter because she is clearly not capable of censoring her own thought processes or in most cases, even spelling them out correctly. The Hole singer, who is estranged from her only child, made the accusations on her private Twitter account last night.

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This is rumored on the internet, mainly because of two things: 1. Dave tried to quit the band immediately, but was talked out of it. Kurt probably never knew Dave tried to quit the band. Kurt tried to do MTV unplugged without Dave.

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He sits on a couch, sweat beading on his face. He looks fragile, sensitive and intense. He stares right at me when I talk.

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They did music together only. Kurt never cheated on her but she did on him, constantly.

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