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Japanese teens culture

That is one of the conclusions of a new report on educational well-being recently published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development — with the key finding that out of 35 OECD countries, only South Korean and Turkish teens rated their life satisfaction lower than Japanese young people. Japanese teens were also above average on overall anxiety indicators and well below average for motivation to succeed in school. This finding, part of a survey of , year-olds in 72 countries, indicates a worrying pattern throughout the world: Advanced economies have lower levels of well-being than might be expected from their material prosperity and freedoms — particularly among young people. Japanese young people were also found to have the lowest level of net happiness of all 20 countries polled, and more Japanese young people said they were unhappy 17 percent than any other country apart from South Korea also at 17 percent.

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On the surface it may appear that the concept of teenagers as a specific social age group does not exist in Japan. It is, indeed, this comparison and description of Japanese teens in terms of social qualities Americans associate with teens that leads to the illusion that teenagers do not exist in Japan. While the concept of teenagers may be somewhat new to Japan, it most certainly exists.

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What are they so happy about? And what are Japanese teens so unhappy about? The questions arise from an OECD survey done in and published last year.

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She is also a writing instructor, editor and former elementary school teacher. She has a Master's degree in writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English and anthropology. Her creative work has been published in several small literary magazines. Japanese teenagers are as diverse in personality and lifestyle as are American teenagers, but as with all cultural groups, there are some trends they have in common with each other.

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In fact, the English language is said to be shrinking in terms of vocabulary. With that being said, language can be one of the most important doorways into others lives. This week, I had the pleasure of working as a mentor for a camp called Adventure Zone at Doane University.

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