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It sounds like a great premise. Instead, Discovery hired actors to play marine biologists on a hunt for the megalodon around the coast of South Africa. A post-show poll shows 79 percent of respondents, as of Tuesday evening. In the closing seconds of the documentary, a brief disclaimer flashes across the screen stating: None of the institutions or agencies that appear in the film are affiliated with it in any way, nor have approved its contents.

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Junior Skeptic is written for older children and does not include endnotes, though I often call out important sources in sidebars or the text of the story itself. Junior Skeptic 48 cover. Painting by Corinne Garlick. Oil on board.

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Some of the commentary on navy sonar related strandings is actually not too off the actually science, albeit a little dated. I do NOT see how anyone can answer that.

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The documentary-style science fiction program has managed to garner a lot of attention and has convinced viewers to consider whether mermaids had ever existed. As noted by Examiner , Mermaids: The Body Found was just a fictional account filmed in a documentary style detailing the discovery of the body of a mermaid.

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We make monsters out of the minuscule, and even monsters out of nothing. You do both. Particularly I am addicted to your show River Monsters.

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