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But then, Titus had only given her the things he wanted for himself. He'd stayed in Cambridge long after his university days had ended, wanting to think the same things over and over.

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It is difficult, as with a lot of the posts, to tell whether this one is sincere. But the vast majority of them seem to be, as do the group's 6, thirsty members. In the Facebook description, the group says that urine therapy UT "opens the doors of your soul, healing every part of your being. There is one enthusiastic member who comments on almost every post; no matter what ailment or what sort of advice is being sought, he doesn't waver: drink urine through your nostrils, he says.

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Like King Tut's tomb. My mom tried to take me to all of the museum exhibitions that came through town. I still have loads of books on the artifacts and the history of the country and people.

I used to stare at the pictures for days.

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Over and over again. My knees fell open, and he nestled closer.

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