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Three asian horror

He is informed about Yu, a neighbor across the complex, who lives with his paralyzed wife, Hai'er, and daughter. Yu's daughter creeps Cheung, but the two become friends and later play at a photo studio. However, Chan mistakenly believes that Yu has kidnapped Cheung and attempts to break into his apartment, only to get caught and rendered unconscious. Yu takes Chan hostage and reveals that his wife has died, yet he continues to talk to her as if she is alive.

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Profile Blog Joined July United States Posts August 10 GMT 1 No this isn't a list of three more extreme movies, but this is the first of hopefully many blogs to focus on a single film. That film is "3 Extremes", an international asian horror compilation featuring three short movies from different countries. From Japan we have one of my favorite directors of all time, Takashi Miike, contributing the short film "Box".

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A Tale of Two Sisters Cineclick Asia Where it's from: South Korea This psychological horror movie tells the story of a patient who leaves a mental institution after being treated for psychosis and returns home, where her younger sister and awful stepmother are waiting for her. Saying anything else about this story would be destroying this work of art of Korean cinema, but keep an eye on its director, Kim Jee-Woon, who's responsible for other great movies from the genre.

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Three asian horror