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Drake kisses girl, 17, and feels her chest in front of live audience as video resurfaces The year-old is yet to respond after video footage of the concert reappeared online By Jon Hornbuckle Updated: 5 Jan , By Jon Hornbuckle Invalid Date, DRAKE has come under fire from fans after resurfaced footage from a concert saw him kiss a year-old fan. The rap superstar can be heard telling the young woman that he 'likes the way her breasts feel' in the short clip filmed at a concert at the Ogden Theater in Colorado - where the legal age of consent for sexual activity is Drake shouted: "I can't go to jail yet, man!

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By strict standards the rack jobber would classify it in the Gonzo bin which I have seen applied to Nica's videos by certain video suppliers on line , but excellent casting got this smooch-centric series off to a good start. Reiterating my soapbox quibble, instead of a connected storyline Nica presents four separate vignettes, even featuring her cash cow no pun intended for sure Elexis Monroe as different characters in two of the 4 requisite sex segments. The set-up stories for the girls are minimal and unconvincing, and in that sense not appreciably different from the gonzo introductions of your typical Jules Jordan, Lexington Steele or Mandingo video. But once the action starts, the realistic, sensual trademark sex is delivered and well-executed by the hand-picked cast.

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"Professor Bradley taught oceanography my freshman year," he said, shifting his weight to his knees but keeping my legs trapped. "Her son was the leading quarterback on our all-state team.

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Chris had come home from work to find me in bed. I hadn't had the heart to tell him yet. He didn't even know I'd been pregnant. I'd planned to wrap up the ultrasound image for one of his presents.

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" He gave me a second kiss, wiped his thumb over each of my lower lids, and then threaded his fingers through mine before opening the door. Back at his place with full bellies, we sat on the couch and watched a classic Christmas movie on TV.

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" I giggled at that, wondering if he knew from experience, and started down the walkway. On either side of the wide space broken up by benches and a directory kiosk, people were shoving their way through the racks of clothes, seemingly oblivious when articles fell on the floor in the various stores.

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I was on my side facing him, and I kept sighing from his fingers casually running through my hair. He glanced at me. "You know the song, 'Mrs.

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