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Shaved head engine

Re: Shaved heads and timing Originally Posted by thmag99 Thanks for the info. I have already got the head back on a torqued down. Only one problem with the cams, i cant really afford an adjustable cam gear at the moment, my head config is also SOHC.

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Email Whatsapp There are countless ways to modify a car for more power, but they all come down to the same common factors: getting more air and fuel into the cylinders, combusting it efficiently and exhausting it as quickly and smoothly as possible. And although many petrolheads are obsessed with forced induction, cylinder head porting is a much less drastic but worthwhile modification that could bring a few more horses to the stable. Cylinder heads are manufactured using a casting process, with cast iron or aluminium alloy being poured into a template to solidify. During this process, cast flash can occur, which is a defect caused by the metal leaking from joins in the cast and the contact between the base of the mould and the material when in a molten state.

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