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Is Sex Addiction Real? Over the last decade, celebrities including David Duchovny and Tiger Woods have famously sought treatment for sex addictions; more recently, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have made similar announcements after accusations of misconduct. Among scholars and medical experts, the consensus is less clear.

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Coping and Recovery Sex addiction is a phenomenon we are hearing more and more about these days. Of all the addictions, sex addiction is most commonly the butt of jokes such as, "If I was going to have an addiction, I'd go for sex addiction. Many people dismiss sex addiction as a futile attempt to give legitimacy to what is simply irresponsible or greedy behavior.

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Celebrities are often carted off to receive treatment for "sex addiction. Sex addiction is not listed as a clinical diagnosis yet, but some scientific research does show that sex and drug addicts' brains respond in similar ways to what they are hooked on.

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There was the man who could only get it up while watching porn. The guy with a fetish he obsessively watched online, but hid from his partner. The man who masturbated so compulsively there wasn't anything left for partnered sex. By the time they found Harvey, they all made the same confession: They were sex addicts.

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Signs of Sex Addiction Sam squirmed uncomfortably in his chair, finding it difficult to look in my eyes as he talked about his porn habit, which in the past few months had overtaken his life. That term began receiving renewed scrutiny last fall when former film producer Harvey Weinstein declared that was what ailed him and entered rehab in an effort to escape criminal prosecution for his alleged assaults. Regardless of the name used, this disorder is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 which is used by practitioners to diagnose psychiatric illnesses. The rationale for the exclusion is that sex addiction does not cause physical symptoms of withdrawal such as illness or anxiety.

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